How to Find Sex Now

If you’re looking to find a local fuck, the good news is that you’re living in the right decade. In previous decades, it used to be hard. Maybe with the exception of the 1970s, getting laid took a lot of work. You had to dress up and know some dance moves. You need to actually know how to talk to women, and you need to read people. Most importantly, you need to look like you cared.

In other words, we all know that looking for sex is really just all about us. We’re looking to fill that sexual need. It’s all about self-gratification. But you can’t be obvious about it. You can’t basically tell somebody, “Okay, I’m just trying to hook up with you because I have this need I need to fulfill.” It’s not going to work out. So you basically had to be a liar, a hypocrite, and just put on a big show. It took a lot of time, effort, and energy and at the end of the day, it was not just worth it.

Well, fast forward today and you can say good-bye to all that bullshit. The great thing about finding sex now in this day and age is that it’s just so easy. You just need to download the right app, get on the right website, and you can hook up with the type of woman that you want. We’re not just talking about women who are looking to have anonymous sex. We’re not just talking about women who don’t want any sort of emotional strings attached. That’s a given. I’m talking about something further than that. I’m talking about something that is more amazing.  

You have to understand that in the past decades, hooking up with a woman who just wants to get what you want, which is just quick sex, was a big deal enough. That was enough cause to celebrate.

You consider yourself lucky if you can get that.  

Well, in this day and age, thanks to Internet technology, you can get the women who look like the way you want them to look. If you’re looking for blond-haired, green-eyed women who just want to fuck, you can do that. If you’re looking for short, dark Asian women with flat noses who just want to fuck, you can do that. That’s what’s amazing about the Internet. It’s just like it’s able to take human populations with certain needs and segment them into these data points that you can slice and dice.

The downside to this is that the more particular your specific taste in women is, the higher the likelihood that you have to get on a car and meet her very far from where you live. This can have its positive sides, and its downsides are definitely more obvious.