Why do free hookups have a bad reputation?

A lot of guys think that a free hookup is always good. They think that if you go out on free hookups, you are guaranteed a good time. Unfortunately, they are in the minority. The vast majority of people think that free hookups are something dirty. They think that going out on free hookups makes you look bad. The problem is this is all based on lies and misconceptions. The truth is so there’s just so many misconceptions regarding free hookups that it’s discouraging guys from going out on such dates.

Let me tell you something. If you believe all the lies being told about these types of dates, then you really are missing out on a great thing. You have to understand that a lot of people are simply looking to hook up. They’re not looking for a boyfriend, they’re not looking for lovers. They’re just looking to have sex with a random stranger. Unfortunately, if you believe in all that bullshit people say about free hookups, you’re just basically freezing yourself out of an otherwise hot and exciting dating market.

This all arises out of misconceptions about the quality of women who are looking for anonymous sex online. People think that since these women are very liberated and very open-minded that there is something wrong with them. Some people think they’re crazy, other people think that they’re users and manipulators.

The truth is they’re not suffering from any of that. They just like sex. What’s wrong with that? If that’s okay with guys, why isn’t it okay with women?

Another common misconception about these types of date is that the quality of sex must not be good. They think that it’s just a quick in-and-out affair. Well, you have to understand that to succeed with online anonymous sex, you have to be a somewhat decent lover. Otherwise, women will talk about you and you won’t have too many dates in the future. That’s how it works. Just because people are hooking up for free online doesn’t automatically mean that the sex is lousy.